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Hawu 8

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Variant: Hawu 8 door piece
Here in the cold north we have always relied on heated shelters to stay alive and operational, the Hawu tents are the latest step in the long evolutionary line of Finnish stove heated tents. 



<li>Designed for eight people, extendable to house twelve</li>

<li>Splits into two halves for easy transport and flexible use</li>

<li>Can be pitched with center pole, around a tree trunk or by hanging</li>

<li>Stove compatible for all-year, all-climate use</li>

<li>Durable and fire retardant for continuous heavy duty use</li>

<li>Easy to pitch even by a single person</li>

<li>Uses no corner poles, can be used without center pole</li>

<li>2 year material and workmanship warranty <a href="https://www.savotta.fi/pages/warranty-and-claims" class="s2link"> (read more)</a></li>

<li>Made in Finland <a href="https://www.savotta.fi/pages/made-by-savotta" class="s2link">(read more)</a></li>






<li>Door piece: 6,00 kg</li>

<li>Wall piece: 5,00 kg</li>

<li>Extension: 4,50 kg</li>





<li>Door + Wall pieces: 4,00 x 4,00 x 1,70 m (L x W x H)</li>

<li>Door + Extension + Wall pieces: 5,50 x 4,00 x 1,70 m (L x W x H))</li>


<li>Floor area:</li>


<li>Door + Wall pieces: 13,00 m2</li>

<li>Door + Extension + Wall pieces: 19,00 m2</li>


<li>Material: 290 g/m2 30% PPAN, 30% CV, 40% PVA, breathable, rainproof, mildew resistant and inherently fire retardant</li>





<li>Door piece: 8340-58-001-3078</li>

<li>Wall piece: 8340-58-001-3074</li>

<li>Extension: 8340-58-001-3077</li>


<p>What sets the Hawu apart from it’s predecessors is it’s modular structure which allows it to be split up for transport, pitched around tree trunks, extended to house more people and much more. Its rugged construction and functionality have earned the Hawu a strong reputation among both professional and recreational users, including a number of military organizations.</p><br>

<p>Made for versatility and adaptability, the Hawu is very flexible when it comes to finding a suitable spot to set it up and it requires very few accessories to do so. The heart of it’s flexibility is the zippers which connect the tent components and offer a means of splitting it and pitching it around tree trunks. The zippers connecting the tent pieces and their external covers are designed to facilitate a very fast emergency exit – open the zipper a little way at the top and just push yourself through!</p><br>

<p>The door allows you to step down into the tent, instead of having to crawl under a low side entrance. An internal free hanging wall keeps the warm air from escaping from inside the tent when the zippered door is open. A useful feature if the situation requires someone to keep guard whilst also watching the lit stove.</p><br>

<p>A steel stove pipe port with a hinged cover is located between the door and tip of the front piece. The interior of the ceiling features O-rings for attaching lines to dry your wet clothes on.</p><br>

<p>The tip of the tent features excess fabric which can be used to cover the top when pitched using a center pole. The tip can be left completely open or open on just one side depending on wind direction, thus controlling ventilation and evaporation of moisture depending on the circumstances. When using a stove it is recommended to keep the tip open to allow the warm air to transport moisture out.</p><br>

<p>No corner poles: just attach the guy lines, tighten them and you’re done. The absence of corner poles cleans up the interior of the tent and means that you have less stuff to look after, highly beneficial especially under stress and/or darkness. The guy lines can be staked to the ground or attached to trees, rocks or other suitable anchor points. Each corner also features a webbing loop at ground level for staking the sides to the ground. No stakes are included with the tent, but we do offer suitable stake sets separately. </p><br>

<p>Standard Hawu tents are made from an inherently fire retardant and breathable fabric, treated for mildew resistance. The fibers in the fabric swell up when moist to provide an effective seal against rain without the need for waterproof and poorly breathable coatings. For large orders such as military procurements we can manufacture the Hawu from other fabrics specified by the customer.</p><br>



<p>The split design offers flexibility in both transport and pitching. The numerous pitching methods allow the Hawu to be set up virtually anywhere, minimizing time and effort spent looking for the perfect spot.</p><br>

<p>Around a tree: the halves can be assembled around a tree trunk, eliminating the need for separate center poles to be carried or made on site. Another benefit of this method is camouflage, with the canopy of the tree providing excellent camouflage from aerial reconnaissance.</p><br>

<p>Suspended: instead of using any kind of central support, tree trunk or pole, the Hawu can be hung from a line of rope attached between two trees. This frees up space inside the tent for more people or for laying out gear for maintenance and work.</p><br>

<p>With central pole: the usual, old fashioned way also works with the Hawu. We offer purpose made telescopic central poles for this purpose.</p><br>

<p>Shelter halves: the two halves of the Hawu can be used on their own as smaller open front shelters. This allows a larger team to split up, each taking one half of the tent with them.</p>