Most people who invest in our gear are probably also interested in how it’s made. And we also want to be as transparent as possible about this, as how we manufacture our gear is both a matter of pride and values. Our stuff is not made to be cheap, it’s made to function and endure.

We are a Finland based, Finnish company employing a total of (as of early 2023) approx. 160 employees at own manufacturing facilities in Finland and Estonia. The select few subcontractors we use are based in Finland, Estonia and (as of 2023) Poland. All quality control is done at our headquarters in Karstula, Finland. The absolute majority of materials we use are made in the EU, some right here in Finland, with somespecialty stuff coming from the USA (Multicam materials) and Asia.

At our headquarters in Karstula, Finland we do pretty much everything. Our main offices and logistics are located here, our production facility in Karstula offers our full spectrum of manufacturing capabilities: metalworking, laser cutting, vacuum forming and of course a lot of sewing. Having all our production capabilities at our HQ offers flexibility when needed and is a fundamental necessity for our product development.

Our facilities in Estonia are used for large scale sewing of our regular textile products. Big production runs of our packs, pouches etc. are mostly sewn here.

If you’re wondering where your specific piece of Savotta gear was made – just check the tag! These mostly say simply “Made in Finland”, “Made in Estonia” or “Made in Poland”. If it says “Made in
Finland & Estonia” then that means just that, the work of that product has
been split up between our two facilities.

We hope this opened up things for you, remember that you can always contact us with any questions!