Finn-Savotta designs and manufactures high quality functional equipment for demanding professional and recreational use in extreme environments. With a focus on personal load carrying equipment and sustainment systems our product range varies from small accessories to backpacks, various sleeping gear and special purpose tents.

We operate in commercial retail, B2B and professional markets. Our customers include outdoors enthusiasts, humanitarian aid groups and military and law enforcement organizations both domestically and abroad.

Our capabilities include research, development and design, heavy-duty technical sewing, laser cutting, 3D design and printing, metalworking, automation, vacuum forming, material expertise and a strong will to continuously deepen our understanding of the end-users requirements.

Founded in 1955, family owned business
Headquarters and manufacturing facility in Karstula, Finland
Manufacturing facility in Tartu, Estonia
A total of ca. 110 employees
Over 50 years of co-operation with the Finnish Defence Forces
Certificates: ISO 9001:2015
AQAP 2110 Ed D
Facility Security Clearance
ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental certification


Finn-Savotta Oy is the core of our operations. Our offices, logistics, product development and main production facilities (metalworking, sewing, laser cutting, vacuum forming etc.) are located in Karstula, Finland. When we say "Savotta" we mean our whole corporation, of which Finn-Savotta Oy is the head and heart.


As a part of the Savotta corporation Finn-Savotta Systems Oy is responsible for technology and production development. We offer our services on projects that require special expertise in the fields of technology, robotics and productivity enhancement. In addition, we develop and manufacture technical solutions especially for the defence and security sector, including surveillance and sensor systems.

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Savotta OÜ

The sister company of Finn-Savotta Oy, our second production facility in Tartu, Estonia. Unlike our headquarters in Karstula where we do pretty much everything, our facilities in Tartu are 100% tooled up for sewing only. This is where we sew our large production runs of our regular textile products such as backpacks.