Warranty and claims


All Savotta products are covered by a material and workmanship warranty. The length of the warranty period for each specific product is stated on the retail package and on our website, the warranty expiry date is calculated from the date on which the product is turned over to the customer.

The warranty covers damage caused to the product due to defects in materials and workmanship.


Savotta products are commonly designed for demanding outdoors use, this requires a lot from both materials and construction. Our equipment is continuously subjected to humidity, freezing cold, heat, sunlight and abrasive strain. Material and workmanship defects usually show up very quickly, when first inspecting a product, at the first time of use and at the very latest during exposure to the conditions of the four seasons. A multi-year warranty guarantees that our gear faces all possible conditions during the warranty period!

Clear material and workmanship defects are faulty seams, irregularity in a fabrics construction or quality problems in accessories such as zippers and buckles. Although our quality control is strict we still recommend you to inspect your new Savotta purchase upon receiving it!


Although our equipment is made to endure very demanding use it is still not eternal. Equipment wears out in use and will eventually fail, sometimes prematurely due to user error. A material and workmanship warranty does not cover natural wear and tear. Neither does it cover any damage due to misuse or user error, for example a broken zipper due to over packing a backpack and then forcing a zipper shut with excessive force.

We try our best to guide and warn our customers against misuse of our products whenever possible and necessary, possible instructions and warnings are included with the products retail package and on our website. Take our sauna tents for example: these are not intended for continuous prolonged use as UV light will damage the fabrics, we have therefore included a warning about this both with the sauna tents themselves and on our website.


Contact the retailer from whom you purchased the product. If you purchased the product directly from us, contact our customer service: reclamation@savotta.fi. To expedite the process please describe in detail what has happened, when the product was purchased and attach photos of the damage and your receipt. The better the initial information is the faster your warranty claim can be sorted out!

Warranty claims are usually compensated and solved in two ways:

  • Repair the product, if possible and feasible.
  • If repair is not possible or feasible – we replace the damaged product entirely with a new one.