Rolltop Stuffsack, 500D
Rolltop Stuffsack, 500D
Rolltop Stuffsack, 500D
Rolltop Stuffsack, 500D
Rolltop Stuffsack, 500D
Rolltop Stuffsack, 500D
Rolltop Stuffsack, 500D
Rolltop Stuffsack, 500D

Rolltop Stuffsack, 500D

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Stronger than your common lightweight stuffsacks, these heavy duty junk sacks are made from 500D Cordura. Practical for rough transport of all kinds of bulky gear.

Main features

  • <ul>
    <li>Strong 500D Cordura construction</li>
    <li>Rolltop closure with SR buckle</li>
    <li>Two D-rings to attach tags etc.</li>
    <li>Available in numerous sizes from 40 to 120 litres</li>
    <li>5 year material and workmanship warranty <a href="" class="s2link"> (read more)</a></li>
    <li>Made in Finland/Estonia <a href="" class="s2link">(read more)</a></li>

Technical specs

<li>40L: weight 355 g, flat dimensions 52 x 85 cm (W x L)</li>
<li>60L: weight 430 g, flat dimensions 58 x 95 cm (W x L)</li>
<li>80L: weight 535 g, flat dimensions 64 x 105 cm (W x L)</li>
<li>120L: weight 650 g, flat dimensions 72 x 115 cm (W x L)</li>
<li>Fabric: 500D Cordura (100% polyamide)</li>
<li>Webbing: 100% polyester</li>


  • <p>Whereas your ”common pack sacks” tend to be made from nice, lightweight fabrics these are quite the opposite. First of all these are not intended for use within backpacks/bags, but as stand-alone crude transport bags. The strong 500D Cordura endures rough use, including transport of abrasive and bulky gear and that sort of real-life negligent handling our gear sometimes have to face. You could describe these as a very crude, low-tech option for actual duffel bags.</p><br>

    <p>Exemplary use cases:</p><br>

    <ul><li>1) Transport of ready packed backpacks, the 120 litre sack can even fit really large ones.</li>
    <li>2) Rough hauling of gear between your home, the trunk of your car and your destination.</li>
    <li>3) Storage of all kinds of gear ready-to-go.</li>
    <li>4) Use as a pack sack strapped to a backpack frame.</li>

    <p>We ourselves use these to haul various cargo on wherever our work takes us. Stuff like rations, tents, gear, photo equipment, expo stuff and that sort of junk which there is just so much of that we don’t want to pack it all in numerous duffel bags and backpacks.</p><br>

    <h3>WATERPROOF? YES AND NO.</h3><br>

    <p>The 500D Cordura these are made of is properly PU coated to make it waterproof. But the seams are not taped or anything. Basically these are, at least when new and not worn after years of heavy use, quite waterproof. But if you leave one out in the rain or drop it in a lake water will in time seep in trough the seams. Keep in mind that, if you use these like we do, the fabric and coating will at some point wear so that water can soak through the fabric itself, such is life.</p>