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Trinket Pouch, hook back

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Keeping your miscellaneous little trinkets neatly organized within your pack or bag really makes life easier, our Trinket Pouches are made to do just that.

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Main features

  • Three sizes: 10×15, 15×20 ja 20×30 cm
  • See-through mesh material
  • Corner-to-corner zipper
  • Two 25 mm wide webbing loops in the corners
  • Colour options for easy recognition
  • Hook-to-loop attachment (hook back) or plain (standalone)
  • 5 year material and workmanship warranty (read more)
  • Made in Finland/Estonia (read more)

Technical specs

  • Weight:
    • Hook back 10×15 cm: 37 g
    • Hook back 15×20 cm: 64 g
    • Hook back 20×30 cm: 90 g
  • Main material: 100% polyester
  • Webbing: 100% polyester

Detailed description

As the name implies the Trinket Pouches are suitable for all that miscellaneous little stuff: electronics, tools, first aid kits, personal hygiene items, socks and underwear and all manners of trinkets you often need to carry with you and want to keep neatly organized. Besides packs and bags these are equally suitable for stashing and organizing miscellaneous gear around your home, in your car or simply in the pockets of your clothes.


Standalone: these “plain” ones (without hook-to-loop attachment on the back) are designed for use as-is, stowed into your pack, bag, pocket, glove compartment or wherever you may need them. The webbing loops in the corners can be used to attach carabiners or buckles or tie dummy cords to secure the pouch to yourself or your bag.

Hook back: these are quickly attachable and detachable to and from backpacks, bags or other surfaces with loop. Moving your ready packed Trinket Pouches from one bag or pack to the other will keep your essential gear organized exactly as neatly wherever you carry them. Hook backed Trinket Pouches come with corresponding pieces of loop to cover the hook when not in use, allowing you to use these in “standalone” mode too. The colour options help you to colour code your stuff for quick and easy recognition. Tip: black is the most “see through” colour.

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