• Main features
  • Technical specs 

- Rollable design for easy transport and deployment
- Embossed surface for doubled emissive surface area
- 70-90 mm flexible diameter to fit various stove ports
- 2 year material and workmanship warranty (read more)

- Made in Finland (read more)
Weight: 1,00 kg
- Packed for transport: 80 x 30 cm (D x L)
- In use: 80 x 200 cm (D x L)
Material: stainless steel

A lightweight and compact packable chimney pipe. The embossed surface offers an increased heat emissive surface area, directly adding to the fuel-to-effect ratio of the stove it’s used with. Compatible with the Hawu tent system and wood stove.


For a roll up stove pipe the Hawu roll chimney is surprisingly easy to use, the embossed surface not only adds to its heating effect but also makes deploying it for use far easier than any similar pipe made from regular smooth sheet metal. The embossed patterns inside the chimney also produce microvortices in the combustion gases, increasing draught and reducing soot adhesion.

The spring steel split rings offer a very special advantage over solid steel or wire rings, they flex just enough to fit over stove ports of varying diameter from 70 to 90 mm, with 80 mm being the optimum that the chimney itself is designed for.


To deploy the chimney for use pull off the rings, roll out the sheet, roll it up lengthwise and thread the rings back on. Place one end of the chimney over the port on the stove and secure these two together by placing one of the split rings over the base of the chimney. After use let the chimney cool down, dry and clean it if necessary, and reverse the deployment process to prepare the chimney for transport and storage.

Beware: the edges of the steel sheet are cutting sharp! Always wear gloves when handling the chimney, a pair of gloves (size 10) is provided with each RC-2000. To keep the weight and pack size down the RC-2000 is made from very thin steel, and thin steel sheets have very sharp edges.

When setting up your stove and chimney make sure there are no branches or other material near or above the chimney as these may catch on fire when the stove is heated.

The stove chimney gets extremely hot in use, never touch it without proper protective gloves when it is hot, and remember that it does not need to be glowing red to be hot enough to cause serious damage if touched.