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HK hook style sling attachment for 25 mm / 1” wide slings, such as our Griffin Slings.

Main features

  • <ul>
    <li>Snap-on spring loaded hook for slings</li>
    <li>Good quality copy of a certain fabulous German design</li>
    <li>Fits 25 mm (1”) webbing</li>
    <li>One slinghook can be clipped to another</li>
    <li>2 year material and workmanship warranty <a href="" class="s2link"> (read more)</a></li>
    <li>Made in Taiwan</li>

Technical specs

<li>Weight: 24 g </li>
<li>Dimensions: 50 x 35 x 5 mm</li>
<li>Material: steel</li>


  • <p>Since we make slings we decided to offer at least some sort of basic slinghook too. These particular ones are decent quality copies of the German HK slinghooks and function just like originals. A certain demanding professional customer of ours has been perfectly happy with theirs so you will probably be too.</p>