• Main features
  • Technical specs 

- Two-point sling for lightweight small arms
- Full webbing construction, low profile and weight
- All metal hardware (steel and aluminium)
- Rapid adjustment slider with webbing grip tab
- Forward pull lengthens sling and moves support hand forward
- Front rapid adjustment loop can be adjusted to preferred length
- A continuous piece of 25 mm / 1” webbing runs through the whole sling
- The ends of the sling form 25 mm / 1” webbing loops for universal attachment
- 5 year material and workmanship warranty (read more)
- Made in Finland (read more)
- Weight: 80 g
- Length: 185 cm (loosened to max. length)
- Webbing: 100% polyester
- Rapid adjustment slider: aluminium
- Buckles: steel

An effective, simple and reliable two-point sling, originally designed for a special military client of ours. The LW (lightweight) Griffin Sling is simple and low profile as heck, made from 25 mm / 1 ” webbing without any padding, for submachine guns and light and light rifles. Check out the MW if you want a little bit of width and padding, or the HW if you need proper thick padding.

Rapid adjustment slider

The heart of the Griffin Sling is our proprietary rapid adjustment slider. Quick, effortless adjustment provides easy transition between carry-shoot-carry etc. in all conditions. We know the world is full of sling adjustment buckles, and most of them are pretty good too. We chose to design our own adjustment hardware due to these simple reasons:

- 1) It should be solid metal without any moving parts

- 2) It should have proper serrations and protrusions for gripping

- 3) It must be be grip tab compatible for use with winter handwear

- 4) And it should preferably be made in Finland

If you hate the webbing grip tab, or just don’t need it or whatever, you can cut it off. The serrated sides and protruding webbing attachment point offer good grip as is.


As this is a simple two-point sling you don’t need to play around with numerous ends of webbing, just two. The 25 mm / 1 ” webbing fits most sling swivels and mounting hardware out there. We make these with long enough webbing ends to reach around most people.

1. Open up the rear webbing loop by threading the webbing end out through the steel tri-glide buckle. Loop the webbing through the sling swivel, buckle, stock or what ever attachment point you are using on the rear of your firearm. Rethread the webbing through the buckle and do a U-turn to lock it into place.

2. Open up the front quick adjustment webbing loop and remove the steel tri-glide from the webbing. Loop the webbing trough your front sling swivel or buckle, reattach the steel tri-glide and loop the webbing around the rapid adjustment slider and back through the steel tri-glide.

3. Try playing around with different adjustment lengths to the front and rear. When you’ve found the suitable setting you can then roll and tape the excess webbing ends into neat bundles. Or, if you dare, cut and burn them.


The Griffin Slings are the commercial offspring of a bunch of slings we designed for a military client according to their requirements. Our client needed proper two-point slings for all kinds of small arms, including sniper rifles and light machine guns. 

The slings should carry nasty weight as comfortably as possible, feature forward-pull-to-lengthen quick-adjustment, fit various mounting hardware and be effective and reliable in ”sub-optimal conditions” (it’s -30 °C, you’re suffering from sleep depravation and wearing thick winter gloves and using NVG’s that mess up your view of anything within arms length).

After that we continued to design the lighter midweight version for carbines, and the lightweight for SMG:s and such. Since these turned out pretty nicely we decided to make these available to the public. So, here you go: the Griffin Slings - decently high-speed low-bullshit slings, named after that mythical half-bird half-cat creature for some peculiar reason.