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Jääkäri XL hip belt adapter

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Spare part for the Jääkäri XL backpack, this is the wide piece of webbing which is stretched around the frame and used to attach the hip belt.


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Main features

  • Spare part for the Jääkäri XL backpack
  • Attaches the Jääkäri L/XL hip belt to the Jääkäri XL frame
  • 5 year material and workmanship warranty (read more)
  • Made in Finland/Estonia (read more)

Technical specs

  • Weight 155 g, dimensions 9 x 61 cm (H x L)
  • Webbing: 100% polyester

Detailed description

This is a spare part so not much to say really. You know if you need it!

Attachment is simple, loop the wide webbing strap around the frame, in between the two lowest horizontal cross sections. Attach the tightening cord in a zig-zag pattern and tighten and tie it down real securely. Use the vertical webbing straps to attach the adapter to the frame and the shoulder harness.

Some of you may be wondering ”can I use this to fit this and that to that and this?” we really can’t say, this is designed for and works with the Savotta Jääkäri XL and other Savotta LJK external frame packs, that’s it.

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