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Universal sternum strap

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Nothing fancy, just a decent 25 mm wide sternum strap with a side-release buckle. Easy to attach almost anywhere, easy to open, easy to close, easy to adjust.


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Main features

  • Fits virtually any sort of backpack shoulder straps
  • Quick and easy to use side-release buckle
  • 5 year material and workmanship warranty (read more)
  • Made in Finland/Estonia (read more)

Technical specs

  • Weight: 45 g, max. length approx. 50 cm
  • Webbing: 100% polyester

Detailed description

This is a spare part or accessory for those who have a pack without a sternum strap or want to switch to a more robust one. Installation is very easy: loop the webbing ends around your packs shoulder pads or attachment points on them, then loop the webbing back through the tri-glide buckles and do a u-turn to lock them in place.

Why no elastic section? Because those really don’t do much good, when you tighten the sternum strap you stretch out the elastic and that’s it then, it won’t strech any more. Also those tend to wear out pretty fast, losing any elasticity they could have.

Why not just 20 mm wide? Because a 25 mm side-release buckle is considerably easier to use, especially with thick winter gloves on.

Why not a split-bar slider buckle for attachment? This low-tech system can be used with pretty much any shoulder strap, universal!

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