Elastic cord kit
Elastic cord kit
Elastic cord kit

Elastic cord kit

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This kit includes all you need to craft all sorts of elastic cord thingies, like zig-zag attachment thingies onto backpack etc.


Main features

  • <ul>
    <li>400 cm of elastic cord</li>
    <li>4 pcs of strong cordlocks</li>
    <li>Think, cut, burn, thread and you’re done</li>
    <li>2 year material and workmanship warranty <a href="https://www.savotta.fi/pages/warranty-and-claims" class="s2link"> (read more)</a></li>
    <li>Made in Finland/Estonia <a href="https://www.savotta.fi/pages/made-by-savotta" class="s2link">(read more)</a></li>

Technical specs

<li>Weight: 45 g</li>
<li>Dimensions: 11 x 15 x 2 cm (W x L x D) (in packaging)</li>
<li>Elastic cord: polyester / rubber</li>
<li>Cordlocks: polyamide</li>


You can do a lot with this kit, here’s a few examples:

An elastic zig-zag or similar attachment thingie on the outside of a backpack.

And probably a whole lot of other things too..

Most people will probably use these for all sorts of attachment thingies. The included 400 cm of cord and four cordlocks should be enough to do a few or even four of these, depending on the size and design of the thingie.