Jääkäri M
Jääkäri M
Jääkäri M
Jääkäri M

Jääkäri M

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The medium size daypack of the Jääkäri family, capacity approx. 30 litres. The Jääkäri M is an improved model of the Light Border Patrol backpack originally designed for the Finnish Border Guard.

Main features

  • <ul>
    <li>Capacity 30 litres</li>
    <li>Padded shoulder straps with sternum strap</li>
    <li>Padded waist belt</li>
    <li>Main compartment with floating lid and side zipper</li>
    <li>Zipper pocket inside the lid</li>
    <li>Internal hydration compartment (e.g. Source WLPS 3L)</li>
    <li>Side compression straps</li>
    <li>Internal plastic frame sheet</li>
    <li>PALS compatible for attachment of extra pouches</li>
    <li>5 year material and workmanship warranty <a href="https://www.savotta.fi/pages/warranty-and-claims" class="s2link"> (read more)</a></li>
    <li>Made in Finland/Estonia/Poland <a href="https://www.savotta.fi/pages/made-by-savotta" class="s2link">(read more)</a></li>

Technical specs

<li>Weight: 1,75 kg</li>
<li>Dimensions: 25 x 52 x 17 cm (W x L x D)</li>
<li>Main material: 1000D Cordura (100% polyamide)</li>
<li>Webbing: 100% polyester</li>
<li>Frame sheet: polyethylene</li>


  • <p>The slim design of Jääkäri M offers unhindered movement in cramped spaces and difficult terrain. The PALS attachment webbing offers a lot of options for mounting of additional pouches and gear to the outside of the pack. An internal plastic frame sheet adds rigidity the the pack, whilst the compression straps help you strap your loads down to a tight package. As a part of its Border Guard heritage the shoulder straps, waist belt and back padding are designed to carry more weight comfortably than most packs of this size.</p><br>

    <p>A drawcord collar covered with a floating lid closes off the main compartment at the top. A full length side zipper offers quick access to smaller items stored within the main compartment. A zippered pocket inside the lid offers safe storage for your wallet, keys, travel documents and phone.</p><br>

    <p>The floating lid and side compression straps offer a wide range of adjustability to the capacity of the pack. Strap it down tight or loosen it up depending on the carried load. The compression straps allow for further gear to be attached on the outside of the pack if necessary. External side pouches on the bottom can be used to secure tools, tripods etc. strapped to the sides of the pack.</p><br>

    <p>A hydration compartment is attached to the interior back wall. Tube ports on both sides allow you to route the hydration tube from the left or right, while leaving the other port free for other uses such as antennas or cables.</p><br>

    <p>PALS webbing on the hip belt, sides and lid of the pack allow you to attach additional pouches and gear. This system offers numerous options for configuring the pack to suit your specific needs. Not only for pouches though, the PALS webbing can also be used to attach utility straps, shock cord, carabiners etc. Four webbing loops at the bottom can be used to attach utility straps.</p><br>


    <p>The majority of materials we use for our commercial production are the same which we use in equipment for the Finnish Defence Forces and other defence and security clients. Our most commonly used fabric in load carrying equipment is extremely wear resistant 1000D Cordura, as per FDF specs, with polyurethane coating on the inside. The webbing and edge tape we use are, again as per FDF specs, strong polyester webbing in various widths and thicknesses for different applications.</p><br>

    <p>Our green and M05 camouflage materials and accessories are by default compliant with strict FDF specs for NIR reflection levels, as should be since these same materials are used in official military equipment.</p><br>

    <h3>CARRYING SYSTEM</h3><br>

    <p>The Jääkäri M features an internal plastic sheet frame, giving it the needed rigidity to stay upright when loaded with awkward and bulky gear.</p><br>

    <p>Both the shoulder harness and waist belt are firmly padded with closed cell foam. The shoulder harness is S-shaped and includes a removable sternum strap.</p><br>

    <p>The forward pulling hip belt is easy to tighten even under load. The side release buckle offers quick and easy opening when needed. The hip belt features an additional cushion for lower back support.


How to use PALS. Products shown: Jääkäri L and Side pouch 6L

How to use Elastic cord kit

Think, plan, measure, cut, burn, thread and tie! Easy as that. Elastic cord attachment thingies are simple, affordable modifications you can do to almost any piece of load carrying gear.

How to quick-attach the Hatka 12L to the Jääkäri ML or XL

The Hatka 12L was conceived as a part of a special military load carrying system, which needed a small daypack that could easily be attached to a larger backpack. One really awesome way to do this is to attach the Hatka to the side compression straps using PALS-mounted SR buckles.

Our packs are made with ITW Classic or 2M WB series side-release (SR) buckles. For this quick-attach trick we recommend using 2M WB SR PALS-mount female buckles (as shown here, and yes we sell these). You will need four of these to securely attach the Hatka 12L to the back of your Jääkäri ML (shown here) or XL.

Note that ITW Classic and 2M WB series side-release buckles ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with ITW GT (GhillieTEX) series side-release buckles! So even if a ITW GT QASM looks like a 2M WB SR PALS-mount buckle these are not cross-compatible. If you want to use ITW GTSR buckles you need to swap out the buckles on your main packs side compression straps too to make this work.