Jääkäri XL aluminium frame

Jääkäri XL aluminium frame

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Spare frame for the Jääkäri XL backpack. Originally designed for the Finnish Defence Forces paratrooper pack, the ”LJK”, back in the early 1980’s - tried and tested stuff! Made in Karstula, Finland, as all our pack frames.

Main features

  • <ul>
    <li>Made from strong aluminium tubing</li>
    <li>Welded construction, powder coated</li>
    <li>Fits in the Jääkäri XL and older LJK backpacks</li>
    <li>5 year material and workmanship warranty <a href="https://www.savotta.fi/pages/warranty-and-claims" class="s2link"> (read more)</a></li>
    <li>Made in Finland <a href="https://www.savotta.fi/pages/made-by-savotta" class="s2link">(read more)</a></li>

Technical specs

<li>Weight: 870 g</li>
<li>Dimensions: 34 x 70 x 8 cm (H x W x D)</li>
<li>Material: aluminium</li>