Pocket Saw

Pocket Saw

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Making firewood demands tools, preferably an axe and saw. If you don't want to carry a big bucksaw our pocket saw is a decent option to consider. It packs into a very compact bundle, but also packs a decent punch when you need it!



<li>Highly packable design</li>

<li>Chainsaw blade</li>

<li>Oversized webbing loop handles for gloved use</li>

<li>Carry pouch included</li>

<li>2 year material and workmanship warranty <a href="https://www.savotta.fi/pages/warranty-and-claims" class="s2link"> (read more)</a></li>

<li>Made in Finland/Estonia <a href="https://www.savotta.fi/pages/made-by-savotta" class="s2link">(read more)</a></li>




<li>Weight: 150 g (including pouch)</li>

<li>Length: 108 cm (chain 65 cm)</li>



<li>Chain: tool steel</li>

<li>Pouch: 1000D Cordura (100% polyamide)</li>

<li>Webbing: 100% polyester</li>


<p>The pocket saw is a chain saw blade equipped with webbing grips. The generously sized webbing grip loops are big enough for thick winter gloves, you wouldn't want to work bare handed in -30° C now would you. The chain saws on both the forward and backward pull, utilizing large motions and muscle groups.</p> <br>

<p>Naturally, all saws become blunt with use, but the chain saw will serve you for a long time. The 11 cutting blades can be sharpened with a chain saw file.</p> <br>

<p>A convenient 1000D Cordura pouch for transport is included to keep the saw neat and tidy and protect your other gear from the sharp teeth.</p>