Linen towel, 145x80

Linen towel, 145x80

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Variant: Linen towel, 145x80

Proper good old fashioned linen towels, great for travel and sauna use and where ever you need to dry yourself off.



<li>Proper Finnish linen-cotton blend towel</li>

<li>Hanging loop</li>

<li>Adorned with our ancient logo depicting the Saana fell</li>

<li>Wash in 60 degrees Celcius (shrinks a bit the first time, perfectly normal)</li>

<li>5 year material and workmanship warranty <a href="" class="s2link"> (read more)</a></li>

<li>Made in Finland</li>




<li>Weight: 415 g</li>

<li>Dimensions: 145 x 80 cm</li>

<li>Material: 50% linen, 50% cotton</li>


<p>Back in the good old days linen towels were the thing, and they still are in many ways. Traditionally a linen towel is much thinner than a common terry knit cotton towel, which yes means it is less absorbant but it also makes it much more packable. If you need to bring a towel on your hikes or travels then one of these is far more easy to pack than a cotton terryknit towel of the same size.</p><br>

<p>There aren’t many but enough sizes to choose from. We decided that two size options is good enough for us. This one is the larger one, suitable for the usual use of drying oneself with.</p><br>

<p>These towels are made for us by Jokipiin Pellava, in Finland. When we started dreaming about linen towels it was quite clear from the start that if we can find a Finnish manufacturer for these then that is who will will go to, we’re lucky to have found that partner in Jokipiin Pellava.</p>