• Main features
  • Technical specs 

- Designed for two people
- Easy to transport and pitch
- Compatible with the Savotta stove + stone rack
- Fire retardant fabrics
- Transport bag included
- Four corner poles and six stakes included
- 2 year material and workmanship warranty (read more)

- Made in Finland & Estonia (read more)
Weight: 5,6 kg (incl. all accessories)
- Width: 170 cm
- Length: 150 cm
- Side height: 140/160 cm
Pack size: 165 x 20 x 10 cm
Floor area: 2,55 m²
- Fabric: 210D polyamide, fire retardant and mildew resistant
- Transport bag: 600D polyester
- Poles: aluminium
- Stakes: galvanized steel

The Hiisi 2 is a two person portable sauna tent for outdoor use, easy to carry and set up almost anywhere. The light weight and compact pack size allow easy transport and storage. Take it to the beach, deep woods, mountains or backyard and enjoy a proper warming Finnish sauna session where ever you are. Stove and benches sold separately!


The sauna has for ages been a central and revered place in Finnish life, a place of birth and death, life and celebration. The word “hiisi” is ancient Finnish for a holy place, a place of sacrifice or mystical power – the perfect family name for our sauna tents and accessories.

The Hiisi 2 is an updated design based on the old Hikimaja. The tent itself is basically a box with a sloped roof, no center pole. The corner poles are inserted into sleeves on the outside of the tent, making the interior a bit less crowded. The ceiling and wall materials are fire retardant for safety, not fire proof though so sparks and flames will burn holes in them so be careful.

The interior is large enough to fit one two person bench, two persons, and the stove. The stove is placed in the far right corner, as viewed from the entrance. The bench is placed on left hand wall, beneath the window. The window along the top edge of the bench wall provides some light and a chance to peek outside. The entrance is a simple zippered slit. A length of cord is attached to the ceiling seam of the back wall, this is an attachment point for a sauna thermometer to help you keep track of the temperature and not overheat the tent.

The tent, poles and stakes pack neatly into a carry bag for transport. Shoulder straps allow backpack like carry freeing up your hands for stoves or other accessories.


  • The material of the tent window is as non-toxic as possible, and it has to meet extremely tough requirements for use both in extreme cold and hot temperatures.
  • As a side effect of this the material is also very sensitive to pigments.
  • Even the window of a new tent may have color spots or stripes absorbed from the tent wall fabric during storage and transportation.
  • This is not dangerous at all and is not a warranty issue.


We recommend two to four people for pitching the Hiisi 2. You need a hammer or similar tool for striking the stakes into the ground. We recommend using a up to 100 °C sauna thermometer to prevent overheating and help you get the perfect temperature.

1. Find a suitable flat spot ca. 3,5 x 3,5 m, beware of hazards:

  -Dry grass and undergrowth, trees and branches (fire hazard).

  -Uneven ground (stove or users may trip and fall).

2. Unpack the tent sheet and insert the corner poles into the sleeves.

3. Spread out the tent sheet with poles inserted roughly where you want it.

4. Erect one or two opposite corners at a time:

  -Hammer a stake into the ground approx. 140/160 cm (wall height) from the corner.

  -Attach the corner guy rope to the stake with a reliable knot.

  -Repeat until all corners are standing and each guy rope is staked to the ground.

5. Inspect the tent, correct if necessary by adjusting the poles, stakes and ropes.

6. Install stove and bench.

7. If available attach a up to 100 °C sauna thermometer to the line hanging from the ceiling.

  -The thermometer should hang 140 cm above ground.

8. Do not heat the interior over 75 °C, extreme overheating may damage the tent and is unnecessary – it is steam that makes the sauna enjoyable, not hot air.

9. Enjoy (with caution)!


This sauna tent is designed to be heated with the Savotta wood burning stove and stone rack. If used incorrectly the heated stove may cause numerous hazards and bodily harm:

- Savotta sauna tents are not designed for prolonged stationary use and should be dismantled, cleaned, dried and stored indoors between uses. Sunlight will damage the fabrics over time. Keeping a tent pitched for a few months straight will damage it and any damage due to this type of misuse is not covered by our warranty.

- To avoid tent damage from falling sparks the chimney top should extend 100 cm above the chimney port. We recommend burning hardwood to minimize the risk of sparks.

- Although the fabrics are fire retardant and self extinguishing they are not fire proof – sparks and flames will damage and burn holes in the fabric. Stove heated tents will in normal use suffer some burned holes from sparks hitting the fabric. This is normal wear and tear and easily patched if needed. Our warranty does not cover any burn damage either through normal or misuse.

- Only use stones intended for sauna use. Improper stones may crack when heated and cause injury through flying shrapnel.

- Sparks and heat from the stove may light nearby combustible material on fire, remove any easily combustible material inside and near the tent before use.

- Always keep a generous bucket of water or a fire extinguisher within a few seconds reach of the tent when the stove is hot, be prepared to put out any fire if necessary!

- The stove and stones are extremely hot when heated and will cause injury if touched!

- Inspect the ground for any hot embers after use and extinguish these with water.