FDF 20 tent

A simple and reliable twenty person field camp tent for 4-season use. Stove compatible, as all of our field camp tents. The Savotta FDF 20 is the commercial version of the Finnish Defence Forces’ platoon-size tent.

  • Main features
  • Technical specs 

- Fits up to 20 persons
- Suitable for 4-season use
- Stove compatible for cold/wet weather use
- Drying line/pole attachment points
- Uses one centre pole and eight corner poles and stakes
- Pitching time 10-15 min (4 persons)
- Easy to transport by car, quad, snowmobile etc.
- Components (tent, pole set, stake set) include own transport/storage bag
- 2 year material and workmanship warranty (read more)
- Made in Finland (read more)
- Tent weight: 27 kg
- Pole set weight: 4,5 kg
- Stake set weight: 4,5 kg
- Complete system weight: 36 kg
- Tent dimensions deployed: 500 x 110-285 cm (D x H)
- Tent dimensions packed: 45 x 45 x 75 cm (W x L x H)
- Pole set dimensions packed: 115 x 15 x 15 cm (W x L x H)
- Stake set dimensions packed: 45 x 8 cm (L x D)
- Floor area: 21 m2
- Tent material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester, fire retardant, mildew resistant
- Pole set material: aluminium
- Stake set material: galvanized steel


Our field camp tents are made for hard, all-year use in our Nordic climate. We have been making military tents for the Finnish Defence Forces since the 1960’s, so we know a thing or two about this sort of stuff. These are not fancy, these are simple, reliable, easy to use and robust, designed for demanding use in very demanding conditions.

The FDF series of tents are available as full system packages (including tent, pole set and stake set) but each component is also available for separate purchase. Groundsheets, stoves and patching kits are available as optional accessories.

- FDF 20 tent + poles and stakes (140020136): complete tent (excl. groundsheet and repair kit)

- FDF 20 tent (140020036): tent sheet only, with transport/storage bag

- Tent poles, FDF 20 (140102000): 1x centre pole, 8x corner poles, with transport/storage bag

- Stake set, GS40 x8 (140106536): 8x 40 cm long stakes, with transport/storage bag

- Groundsheet, FDF 20 (140112036): rubberized groundsheet for the FDF 20 and FDF 20-HQ tents

- Tent repair kit (140950000): ready cut patches and glue

Real life use cases

As very user-friendly and reliable these are also great for all sorts of professional and recreational use. Simplicity and robustness are natural results of the military origins of these tents. In military use tents like these need to be easy to use, in the dark, in the rain, in deep freezing snow. And above all reliable and repairable in the field if necessary.

Throughout the decades our field camp tents have gained a solid reputation here in our native Finland. Here these are commonly used by hunting parties, film crews, scout groups, outdoor event organizers and of course just for plain fun camping. Although not suitable for on-foot carry for long distances these are still very much portable and easy to transport by car, quad or snowmobile, or even packed into an ahkio (except for the HQ which is a bit too big to really fit in an ahkio).

Although originally designed for military use, and sized accordingly, these are of course useable in many different ways. With less than the maximum occupancy you have more room for comfort, and the taller variants (JSP and HQ) are perfect for field offices complete with chairs and tables. These are really just great, reliable partners where ever you need a warm, dry and clean home-away-from-home for a group of people.


- Q: "Sparks and flames burn holes in my tent even though it is supposed to be fire retardant. Why?”

- A: This is perfectly normal. Fire retardant fabrics still char and become brittle from exposure to flames and spark, but they self extinguish when said flame or spark is gone. Small holes are easily repaired using our tent repair kit.

- Q: "Why does condensation appear on the inside of the tent?”

- A: Moisture from the wet ground, breath and sweating can condense into droplets in the ceiling of the tent. This can be prevented by heating the tent with a stove, the warm air then transports the moisture out through the ventilation hole in the ceiling.

- Q: ”Which way are the skirts of the walls supposed to be?”

- A: Inside the tent unless there is a proper snow cover on the ground. In snowy terrain we recommend laying them flat on the outside and packing snow over them to seal the tent and prevent cold air from blowing in under the walls.

- Q: ”Do I really need to clean and dry the tent after use?”

- A: Yes you do! No matter how mildew resistant the fabric is you should always clean and dry the tent before packing it away for storage. Neglecting basic maintenance may seriously shorten the service life of the tent.

- Q: ”I broke/lost a pole/peg, what should I do?”

- A: Buy a new one, contact us or your local retailer for further advice.

Feature Comparison Table

The FDF series of tents are all octagonal and based on the same basic principles, but vary in size and details.

Weight:24,5 kg27 kg36 kg45,5 kg
Wall-to-wall:400 cm400 cm500 cm500 cm
Wall height:100 cm140 cm110 cm180 cm
Top height:190 cm230 cm285 cm345 cm
Floor area:13 m213 m221 m221 m2


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