• Main features
  • Technical specs 

- Designed for ten people
- Stove compatible for all-year, all-climate use
- Durable and fire retardant for continuous heavy duty use
- Transport and storage bag included
- Pitched with a centre pole and eight corner poles + stakes
- 2 year material and workmanship warranty (read more)

- Made in Finland (read more)
- Tent only: 18 kg
- Pole set: 3,5 kg (Tent pole set, FDF 10)
- Stake set: 4,5 kg (Tent stake set, GS40 x8)
- Complete system: 26 kg
- Diameter: 400
- Side height: 100
- Top height: 190 cm
Floor area: 13 m²
Material: 50/50 CO/PES, mildew resistant and fire retardant

A straightforward and dependable ten person field camp tent, low in profile and easy to use and repair. Stove compatible, as all of our field camp tents. Originally designed as a squad-size field camp tent for the Finnish Defence Forces.


  • Q: "Sparks and flames burn holes in my tent even though the fabric is supposed to be fire retardant. Why?” 
  • A: This is perfectly normal. Fire retardant fabrics still char and become brittle from exposure to flames and spark, but they self extinguish when said flame or spark is gone. Small holes are easily repaired using our tent repair kit.
  • Q: "Why does condensation appear on the inside of the tent?”
  • A: Moisture from the wet ground, breath and sweating can condense into droplets in the ceiling of the tent. This can be prevented by heating the tent with a stove, the warm air then transports the moisture out through the ventilation hole in the ceiling.