Savotta, made in Finland, Estonia and soon, to some extent, also Poland!

  • 10.3.2023

    As some of you may already know we are currently working on multiple large, multi-year contracts for the Finnish Defence Forces. The combined size of these contracts we’re simultaneously working on is roughly three times larger than the previous biggest military orders we’ve ever had. Thus we have our hands quite full, and there are still more large projects looming on the horizon.

    This could, as it has done in the past, mean very bad things for our commercial gear. But not this time!

    To keep up with the demand and secure the availability of our commercial products we have teamed up with a highly experienced and professional Polish manufacturer to whom we will be outsourcing some of our production runs.

    The first batch of Polish made gear has arrived at our warehouse. After doing our internal quality check, we have already started shipping these goods to our retailers. We are now in an interesting situation where some of gear is being simultaneously sewn in Finland, Estonia and Poland.

    As usual all our products are tagged with exact country of manufacture info, and we will update the product specific “made in” info on our website as things roll along.

    We are constantly expanding our own production capacity in Finland and Estonia, but this doesn’t happen overnight. Since the start of the year alone we have set up a new production line, hired over 20 new full time production workers and employed a number of local students for temporary help. We will continue to further build up our production capacity, as we have kept doing for years now. But until we catch up with the demand and get these big military orders done we will be employing outside help to secure the supply of our commercial gear. Either that or “sold out, come back in 2030”, and that’s not really an option.

    There’s high demand for our work and expertise on the professional market right now. We will do our best to secure the supply of our gear on the commercial market too.