Finn-Savotta Oy has been in a long term co-operation with The Finnish Defence Forces since the 1960s. Products made for The Finnish Defence Forces are 20 H tents and ranger tents.

Almost 50 years lasting collaboration with The Finnish Defence Forces includes different kind of products. These products consist of backpacks, bags, carrying equipment, map cases, sleeping mats and combat vests.

Co-operation with the Finnish Defense Forces began during the early 60s. During the first years of collaboration with the Finnish Defense Forces, Finn-Savotta manufactured laundry bags, bread bags and backpacks from wool and leather. Product development has been very active during the years. Finn-Savotta has been developing the products with the Finnish Defense Forces.

Combat harness used by the Finnish Defense Forces is a product of co-operations with the Finnish army and Finn-Savotta. Finn-Savotta is also the main manufacturer of the combat harness. Finn-Savotta has also manufactured large hall tents for the UN.

Finn-Savotta’s know-how is based on the expertise gathered from working with partners who work in harsh conditions.