• Q: "Does Savotta manufacture gear for other companies as well?
    • A: Yes we do! Both for commercial businesses, organizations and public authorities: HERE
    • Q: "There are tiny holes on my new backpack, what are they?"
    • A: The holes are probably hot cloth drill marks used for marking attachment points for webbing or other details. These are part of the cutting process where multiple layers of fabric is cut and marked for production. The drill holes do not affect the utility of the product in any way.


    Savotta poramerkki

    • Q: "Are your backpack waterproof or do I need to use a rain cover?"
    • A: Our most commonly used pack fabric, 1000D Cordura, is water repellant and PU coated on the inside, it is by definition wateproof. Water can however trickle in through seams and stitchlines, so our packs are not 100% waterproof. In heavy rain we recommend using a rain cover.
    • Q: "Sparks and flames burn holes in my tent even though the fabric is supposed to be fire retardant. Why?"
    • A: This is perfectly normal. Fire retardant fabrics still char and become brittle from exposure to flames and spark, but they self extinguish when said flame or spark is gone. Small holes are easily repaired using our tent repair kit.

    • Q: "Why does condensation appear on the inside of the tent?"
    • A: Moisture from the wet ground, breath and sweating can condense into droplets in the ceiling of the tent. This can be prevented by heating the tent with a stove, the warm air then transports the moisture out through the ventilation hole in the ceiling.