FINNISH Red cross

Co-operation with The Finnish Red Cross started at the 1970s. Our tents have been used as emergency quarters in many crisis situations, such as the Turkish earthquake of 1999 and the Asian tsunami crisis of 2004.

Tents made by Finn-Savotta have been helping people in need around the world.

For humanitarian organizations Finn-Savotta mostly manufactures accommodation tents and hospital tents for catastrophe areas. Tents made in Karstula have been send around the world to help the needy. Some of these locations are: Turkey in 1999, Asian Tsunami in 2004, China’s earthquakes in 2008 and Haiti’s earthquakes in 2010. We are proud of the fact that our work helps those in need of it. The Co-operation with the Finnish Red Cross started during the 70s and the collaboration is still going strong.